Frequently Asked Questions

If you still haven't figured out what this site is about, or you're having problems figuring out what to do, read this page, and hopefully some of your questions will be answered.

General Questions
Running a Game

How do I create a user, character, or game?

Create a user by clicking on the "Create User" link in the menu. It's pretty easy.
Create a character by logging in, and going to the "My Characters" link. It's self explanatory at that point.
Creating a game requires a user level of "Power User" or higher. Otherwise, it's a simple matter of going to "My Games" and clicking on the "Create Game" link.

What is a user for?

Users are basically your global account for the site. You can create games with them, and create characters to play games. Your user can create and control a virtually unlimited amount of games and characters, and as such, we ask that you only have one account. Multiple user accounts may be punished, or simply deleted.

What is a character for?

Characters are your main form of interacting with the games, and other users' characters. Anyone can create a character, and users may own multiple characters. Characters can only participate in one game at a time (once the game ends, they are returned to your 'stock' for re-use). They also cannot apply to more than one game, until the game owner either accepts or denies them. You cannot apply to the same game more than once, either.
In games, you control the character, and may move about the map (avoiding danger zones, or sections of water). If there are other characters in the same zone of the map, you can interact with them, either by attacking them, or messaging them to say "hi". The other characters also have the same options, and the goal of each game is, of course, to kill all other characters. So you should be careful.
One thing to note: Only game owners can see which user controls which character. (This may change, depending on user feedback)

What are the games?

The games are the entire reason behind this site. The games are small, online versions of Battle Royale, following much of the same rules as the book and movie. The game owner uploads a map (300x300pixels), which is divided into different zones (currently, 100 zones). Users, controlling their characters, decide on where to move next turn, and what to do after moving. Characters can form alliances, and go after other characters, but the eventual goal of each game is to be the sole surviving character on the island. The only way to win is to kill off everyone else.
The game owners cannot play in their own games, but select what weapons the players have access to (weapon assignments are randomized once the "Start Game" button is clicked), decide which characters to allow into the game, and provide an overview of the game to each user. The game owners also have some degree of control over elements such as danger zones for each round, and various game options.

What is a "power user"?

These are users who have been granted a certain amount of privilages. Specificly, the ability to create and manage games, and add weapons to the database.

How do I become a "power user"?

There's a few ways to become a "power user" (not all methods will work). One of the best is simply to be active within the games and on the site. Also, good spelling and grammar will help your case. If you think you deserve such status, contact me via email and be sure to include your user name and ID. Other methods for earning such status are in the works, but will not be revealed until later.

How do I become a moderator/administrator?

You don't. Really, if you have to ask this question, or even worse, if you contact me requesting such a status, you'll never, ever earn it. Users who shine in the games will be the most likely to gain moderator status.

How do I ask other questions?

Contact me via email with your question. If you ran into a bug, try provide as much detail as possible as to how it happened, and any messages you might have run into.

More about the Games

General Questions

How do I run a game?

First, you have to be at least a "power user" to start your own game. Once you are, however, click on "My Games", then "Create Game". Choose a game name, a description, and enter the maximum amount of players. You won't be able to change the max players or name once you create a game, so choose carefully. NOTE: Maximum players must be between 10 and 99.
You can also choose additional options, such as making the game private. Private games won't show up in the game list, so you'll need to provide a direct link to the game for anyone to apply to it. (Other options are available, but might be changed as time goes on).

Applying to Games

If you plan on playing a game, you need a character, and then you need to apply to a game. You can only apply to a game once, until your character is either accepted, or rejected from the applicant pool. Applying to the game is quite simple.
If you are running the game, then you'll need to accept characters into your game. You can bring up a list of characters who have applied in many different ways. Simply click on approve or deny to do just that. You need at least 8 characters in the game before you can begin it, and they must all have weapons assigned to them. You also need to have uploaded a map.

How do I manage the map?

You have to upload a map before starting the game. Uploading a map is simple, but there are rules for the file size and format. The map must be either jpeg, gif, or png formats, and MUST BE 300 by 300 pixels. The file size is also limited, but rarely should be a problem.
Once the map is uploaded, it is divided into 100 squares, each 30x30 pixels. In addition, all the edge squares are marked impassible (the game assumes the map is an island). You can set up the map from here, by clicking on each square and selecting different options. NOTE: Only one option should be turned on at a time, or there will be unexpected errors. You will need to set up a start location (it will be a danger zone after the first round).


Power users have the ability to create their own weapon items, or use other user's weapon items. If you created a weapon, you can also edit it. Otherwise, you can only look.
All characters in a game MUST have a weapon assigned, or the game will not start. The weapons will, however, be randomized upon game start, so all you are doing is selecting a pool of weapons for the game. This is to prevent cheating, or general abuse.